I am a veteran of the U. S. Army who enjoys sharing my joy of cross stitching with other people ………………… Across the Stitch.

I joined the U. S. Army over twenty years ago to serve my country. During the early years of my military healthcare career, I started two hobbies cross-stitching and sewing. After a few months with my new hobby, I would cross-stitch projects and sew outfits to sell or give away as gifts.

As I matured--I got married, started a family, and pursued my education. As my career began to progress—I began leading and training soldiers; I chose to take a break from “my hobbies” for several years.

Thoughts of retirement entered my mind after 20 years of accomplishing all I could in the Army. So, I decided to start cross-stitching and sewing again. I started making items for gifts and was told by others that I should start my own business since I was about to retire.


Across the Stitch was born!

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